Fordelen med spilleautomater på nettet

All casinos use the house edge in order to meet their costs. Land based casinos have much larger overhead costs. These include the cost of the real estate, the furbishing and the staff. Therefore land casinos have to operate at much larger average house edges. Not much can be done to increase the house edges in games like roulette and blackjack. Therefore the house edges are jacked up considerably in the slots games. The payouts are correspondingly lower. The payouts offered in slots games in the land casinos in Las Vegas are between 80% and 90%. If the land casino is in the heart of Vegas then the payouts could even be lower because the real estate costs more and these casinos are grander in appearance. The investments required to sustain these casinos is greater.

As against this the costs in online casinos is much lower. The only major cost is that of the software. There are legal, administrative and staff costs but these are on a much smaller scale than in land casinos. Online casinos therefore need much smaller margins in order to cover their costs. There is another advantage that online casinos have over land based casinos. Each land based casino can cater to only so many players and no more because physical space becomes a limitation. But there is no limit to the number of players an online casino can cater to.

And it is simple to increase server capacities if at all there is a limitation. Therefore as more and more players join up the online casino needs to earn less on an average from each player. Therefore online casinos offer slots games with payouts around 95%. This is between 5% and 15% more than in land based casinos. For every $100 wagered by players in online casinos the casino on an average pays back $95 to the players. This amount comes down drastically to between $80 and $90 in the case of land based casinos. Though this is reason enough to favor online slots to land based slots, there are quite a few more. There is the convenience of playing from home, in whatever clothes you are wearing and at whatever time of the night or day. You can play for a few minutes if you want or can stay with the same game for hours without any guys waiting in the line and telling you to make a move on.

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